Gianni Davico, Campo pratica. Come diventare il golfista migliore che c’è in te—lit. “Driving range. How to bring out the best golfer in you”—technical supervision by Andrea De Giorgio and with contributions by Roberto Cadonati and Franco Iacovitti, illustrated by Marcello Carriero (Caissa Italia, 2019, 160 pp., ISBN ‎ 8867290680).


How many times have you gone to the driving range, hitting ball after ball to the same target, with the same club, without a particular goal, getting bored out of your mind until you pull your favorite club out of the bag: your driver? Well, this isn’t the only way practice on the driving range. In golf, practice isn’t just essential. It can also be fun. You need to do it with a goal in mind — a precise plan or idea that you want to get out of your practice session. In this book, packed with honesty and great tips, Gianni Davico and Andrea De Giorgio, with contributions by Franco Iacovitti and Roberto Cadonati, help you gain a whole new perspective on the driving range. You’ll learn how to set a series of goals and discover a great many clever exercises that will make your practice routine a success and improve your performance on the course.

A few reviews

This book is a “MUST HAVE” to keep on your nightstand and always within reach, for inspiration when your game goes awry or when you want to fix a particular shot that’s not working.


There are thousands of golf manuals and other useful books out there, but such a specific, accurate guide on the right way to use the driving range hadn’t existed, until now. An invaluable book that closes a huge gap in golf training: methodology. All too often, people think of the practice facility as a place to just hit ball after ball on the driving range or boring putt after boring putt on the practice green, counting how many balls go in the hole. This book has the amazing ability to transform the practice facility into a sort of “workshop” at which to improve not just your swing or your putting, but the entire way you view the game, providing you with a methodology and establishing rules and standards to build a complete, systematic learning and training process. Invaluable.