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  • Marco Tosi – art direction
  • Chiara Zoia – copywriting
  • Matteo Tosi – development
  • Federico Cembalo – advertising

Original content

  • Gianni Davico – Italian text
  • Cesare Matta, Manuela Cerri – photography
  • Grey Drane – English text

Other content

  • Yann Le Coroller – type design (Alte Haas Grotesk)
  • Antonio Filigno, Gabriella Clare Marino, Johnny Such, Nutsinee Kijbunchoo, Daisuke Tashiro, Nice Guys, Zhang Kaiyv, Joi Ito – stock photos (via Pexels, Rawpixel, Unsplash, Pixebay, Fortepan, Wikimedia Commons)


  • WordPress – CMS
  • Avada – website builder
  • Host.it – hosting & IT
  • Font Awesome – font toolkit


The Tesi & testi logo and overall graphic design concept is an homage to the style and graphic designs of Josef Müller-Brockmann.

The goal of this project was to convey the concept of “a world of words” expressed in the Italian slogan: “un mondo di parole”.

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