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Translations of contracts and other legal documents call forabsolute accuracy in both terminology and meaning. This type of project needs to be entrusted to expert translators with thorough knowledge of the law in the countries of both languages.

What’s the issue?

The language used in legal texts is often hard to understand, even in your native language, in part because of the specific terminology used, the meaning of which may not be exactly what you would normally expect.

The goal of a legal translator is to translate the concepts – not just the words – from one legal system to another, with the understanding that the structure of those two systems will rarely be exactly the same.

In other words, it’s not enough just to use the right words and exact meaning of the source text. The translator needs to be familiar with the two different systems to ensure that the translation both maintains the meaning of the source and can be understood by the reader of the translation.

This Italian standard establishes the knowledge, skills and other requirements that translators and interpreters must meet in order to be professionally certified.
We can provide specific non-disclosure agreements for each individual project. Any and all information will, in any event, always be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

What’s the solution?

When it comes to legal texts, a small mistake can have a huge cost, in both time and money. Accuracy is key when dealing with legal translations.

A well-translated document enables law firms – and all our customers – to convey messages with confidence.

This is why it’s essential that you choose a provider for your legal translations that uses expert translators specialized in the field, who have specific legal training and are able to understand both the challenges and the potential risks that texts like these entail.

What we can do for you:


  • Private agreements
  • Notarized deeds
  • General and special powers of attorney
  • Legal documents of all types
  • Court rulings and other legal measures


  • Legislation
  • Patents


  • Letters of intent
  • International commercial agreements
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Company by-laws
  • Financial reports, banking and market documentation
  • Corporate minutes and appraisals
  • Company registries


  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Statements of residency
  • Diplomas and school records
  • Licenses
  • Criminal records


For these purposes, we use professional translators who are registered with the court or with the chamber of commerce and are members of a professional assocation recognized by Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development for the provision of sworn translations certified by the court or by a notary public.

We can also provide certification under the Apostille Convention and other forms of legalization with the competent authorities for your translated documents to ensure that they are valid for official use.

What now? Do you need a legal translation or more information on the translation of legal documents? The right thing to do is contact us today. We would be happy to serve your every need and give you a personalized quote for the translation of your documents.