Gianni Davico, Anche dal silenzio impari. Conversazioni con papà, (Italian edition, Chieri, Gaidano & Matta, 2018, 104 pp., ISBN 8897329398).


What can you learn from the death of your own father? This book describes Gianni’s journey as he stayed by his father in the final months of his life and, in doing so, speaks to all fathers and all children around the world. “The entire thing lasted exactly two months. And when the time came, I realized that the real, main, fundamental reason I wrote all this was to truly accompany you to your grave. In that moment, I understood that I had said goodbye to you for the last time and that I could go on with my life. It was me and you. And I buried you, Dad. The son buries the father, as is right, the natural order of things. The entire process has ended. Now that the book is written, I’ve let you go more fully — content, serene, final.”


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