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to communicate with the world!

Tesi & testi has been helping companies communicate professionally in all languages since 1995.
We are qualified to translate all kinds of company documents and help make your business a whole lot easier.

We are able to do this because we work immersed in a world of written words. And we do it well.

Our strengths include:
– specific experience: we’ve been doing this, and only this, since 1995;
– management of complex, multilingual projects;
– speed: we’re used to working under pressure;
– specialization: we work exclusively with businesses.

And the cost? “If you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance.”

Ready to give us a try? We’re here and ready to listen.
Tel. +39 011 83.52.62
Email davico@tesietesti.it
WhatsApp 349 170.88.26


Clients we have worked for include:



L'industria delal traduzione

L’industria della traduzione.
Realtà e prospettive
del mercato italiano

Gianni Davico