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We’ve been working with Nital since 1998. For them, we translate both technical and marketing texts, especially from English into Italian, to support the sale of the products they distribute.


“We are extremely satisfied. I find Tesi & testi’s services to be fast, accurate, punctual, and highly flexible, which is an aspect that is not to be overlooked. The curiosity with which the team approaches translations, taking the initiative to research the topic or the product on their own, is what I have appreciated the most over the years. The speed of response, both in preparing a cost estimate and in executing the actual project, is the factor that brings me to recommend this translation agency to all my partners whenever I get the chance. Along with everything else, I believe it’s right that people know that behind Tesi & testi there’s Gianni Davico, himself a writer of the highest level. His writing skill has a profound impact on the translations, which are not just ‘words in another language translated into Italian’, but ‘ideas in another language translated and steeped in meaning in Italian’.”

Marco Rovere, press office – Nital S.p.A.,