A lot can happen in a quarter of a century.
As in all things, there can be ups and there can be downs.

But what Cesare Pavese wrote to E. on October 14, 1932, applies perfectly to all that we do:

“I will do much more here. I will study and I will work to make my life the best, most wonderful thing that I am able. For now, the future I see is somewhat confused, but I am not afraid. I’ve been through some terrible times in my life, and I’m still here.”

We’ve developed a great deal of experience managing complex projects, in solving problems, and in business planning.

And we’re ready for the challenges to come.

Most importantly, we’re here to stay. Today’s projects are just a detail. We knew this right from the start of Tesi & testi, which is why, on February 1, 1995, we published the Charter of Rights of Tesi & testi clients.

In short, this means that the trust our clients have shown in us over the years is our source of satisfaction, our currency, our future.