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association for immigration law research ASGI Description For ASGI, we translate into a range of languages documents related to the defense of migrant rights. Feedback "Tesi & testi gives us excellent transaltion services, thanks to theexpertise and helpful demeanor of Gianni Davico, who is always able to meet the customer's needs quickly, in terms of time, language, or content. Over the years, we have had to opportunity to appreciate his interest in the topics to be translated, the accuracy of the output, and his attention to details. The […]


LEGAL TRANSLATIONS sworn and certified we're specialized in CERTIFICATIONS let's see exactly WHAT THIS ENTAILS Translations of contracts and other legal documents call forabsolute accuracy in both terminology and meaning. This type of project needs to be entrusted to expert translators with thorough knowledge of the law in the countries of both languages. What's the issue? The language used in legal texts is often hard to understand, even in your native language, in part because of the specific terminology used, the meaning of which […]

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Credits CREDITS We would like to thank all who have helped make this site possible: Management Stampatello - sponsorship Edoardo Aldo Sette - project management Design Marco Tosi - art direction Chiara Zoia - copywriting Matteo Tosi - development Federico Cembalo - advertising Original content Gianni Davico - Italian text Cesare Matta, Manuela Cerri - photography Grey Drane - English text Other content Yann Le Coroller - type design (Alte Haas Grotesk) Antonio Filigno, Gabriella Clare Marino, Johnny Such, Nutsinee Kijbunchoo, Daisuke Tashiro, […]


Italian tourism board ENIT Description For ENIT, we have translated, from Italian into various languages, an extensive series of articles for the promotion of tourism in Italy. Feedback "We are very satisfied with the services provided by Tesi & testi: precise and punctual, but flexible at the same time! Gianni replies to requests quickly and with extreme precision, both in the technical aspects of translating and with regard to the breakdown of costs. We also very much appreciate the care taken to reporting any errors or inconsistencies in […]


PUBLICATIONS books, articles and more guides and manuals BOOKS Twenty-five years of books and reflections. Maybe one day I'll even find a common thread. magazines and portals ARTICLES The translation industry, as I see it. To translate every type of business document, there's TESI & TESTI


office solutions Rasero Description For Rasero, we help with the drafting of original marketing content in Italian and provide translations into English. Feedback "Tesi & testi truly is a 'world of words'! For years now, we have trusted Gianni Davico for his services of both translating and the writing of original texts, and the results have always been excellent. Precise, punctual, and highly recommended for all organizations that believe in the efficacy of marketing." Alessandra Rasero, Rasero Sas,

Divel Italia

corrective lenses and solar filters Divel Italia Description Forr Divel Italia, we translate articles, catalogues and technical materials from Italian into English. Feedback "We are very happy with the translation services of Tesi & testi. Their response to our needs is always fast and accurate. Receiving comments and invaluable advice on the content we give them (e.g. SEO tips, errors in the Italian source, etc.), in addition to the actual translations, is the greatest benefit this LSP gives us. The also reply to our inquiries quickly, generally within […]


photography equipment Nital Description We've been working with Nital since 1998. For them, we translate both technical and marketing texts, especially from English into Italian, to support the sale of the products they distribute. Feedback "We are extremely satisfied. I find Tesi & testi's services to be fast, accurate, punctual, and highly flexible, which is an aspect that is not to be overlooked. The curiosity with which the team approaches translations, taking the initiative to research the topic or the product on their own, is what I have appreciated […]

Riso Scotti

rice and risotto RISO SCOTTI Description With Riso Scotti, we have a longstanding collaboration for the translation of product labeling, both in the more common languages and in others that require more care and expertise. Feedback "We are very happy with the services provided by Tesi & testi. The greatest benefit is the ability to have both simple translations (in all languages) and help taking care of imperfections and resolving other challenges quickly. We recommend Tesi & testi's services because all who work there are extremely professional." Cinzia […]

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