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STI - documentation transformed into English

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The Challenge: a New Group for a New Market

STI was founded in 1989 as an engineering and solutions design firm. In 2004, with the acquisition of Ge.Fi Fiduciaria Romana, Gruppo STI was born, offering a single industrial services provider for the property market. The new frontier is the international market, and gaining visibility abroad for its services, to ultimately become the leading European player. STI appointed Tesi & testi responsible for its foreign language documentation.

The T&t Solution

STI's pressing concern was the translation of its marketing documentation in the shortest time possible. Tesi & testi entrusted the management of the language project to its in-house, native-speaking English translator. The translator was successfully able to translate the documents in "real time", and oversee the entire documentation process. The translations formed a translation memory, with customised glossaries created, covering hundreds of terms. In this way, T&t was able to guarantee fast and quality service.

A Value-Added Service

The internal organisation and resources of T&t were integrated with the STI documentation process. STI was able to rely on a native-speaking translator, who, in constant contact with their marketing office, was able to tackle and resolve the problematics relating to document translation.

Our in-house native-speaking English translator offers prompt, on demand text translation, and an indispensable reference point for complex projects involving several languages. Contact us to find out more about how to rise to the challenge of your daily translation needs.