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The Challenge: When Software Becomes Italian

Locatech GmbH is one of the principal operators in the sector of localization. The supplier of major multinationals, it needed to find reliable vendors who could manage complex translation projects. It contacted Tesi & testi for the translation of a tutorial of a data warehousing, business reporting and analytics software platform, composed of nearly 80,000 words, with over 200 HTML files.

The T&t Solution

Utilizing Star Transit, T&t organized the job as follows:
- Preliminary analysis of the files
- Evaluation of the reference material, creation of glossaries and memories in various formats
- Division of the work among three translators and one editor
- Editing of HTML files after translation.

A Value-Added Service

The complexity of the work consisted of managing a large number of files and creating a reliable base for future updates. By outsourcing the job to T&t, Locatech was able to avoid breaking it up among several vendors, preferring a turnkey solution that guaranteed certain deadlines and standardized terminology.

Our translators and project managers, who are experts in localization and computer aided translation tools, make Tesi & testi your ideal partner for translating user interfaces, online guides, tutorials, web sites and making your Italian documentation a strong point. If you would like to know more, contact us.