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Echo - Localization

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The Challenge: the translation of 300,000 words of a software programme in two months.

Tesi & testi partnered Echo International on a software localization project for an American software manufacturer. The software package enables finite element modelling and stress and strain simulation in a single-user interface. The software manufacturer provides services for mechanical and civil engineers in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, electric power, petroleum, and consumer products. Tesi & testi was responsible for the Italian translation. The project was structured into various stages covering the translation of the user interface, the database, and on-line help files. The challenge lay in the extremely technical nature of the subject matter, and the impressive number of words to be translated within a tight deadline.

The T&t Solution

Given the type of file management required, T&t chose Star Transit for the job, and structured the project in the following way:

A Value-Added Service

The tight deadline, and the difficulty and quantity of work meant that a complex though linear management approach, guaranteeing the real-time access to information by all the team members, was essential, in order to guarantee impeccable standards of quality and to meet the deadline. Management expertise and localization experience make Tesi & testi the ideal partner for the translation of user interfaces, online help files, tutorials and web sites, to render your documentation your winning strength. Contact Us to find out more!