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Bracco - Internationalisation

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The Challenge: Documentation Becomes European

Bracco is a world-wide leader in the development of global solutions for medical diagnostics. The specificity and importance of its products require the perfect translation of documentation - or in other words, specific expertise. The product officers from Bracco contacted Tesi & testi, entrusting us with the translation, page layout and printing of a medical equipment manual in 11 languages.

The T&t Solution

T&t structured the project in direct collaboration with the customer. It involved:
- the assigning of the text for translation to native-speaking translators;
- the laying out of the translations using a professional DTP programme on Mac;
- the printing, binding and dispatch of the manuals to the customer.

A Value-Added Service

The challenge lay in the co-ordination of several kinds of activities: translation, page layout and printing. Tesi & testi proved itself equal to the task of managing this process professionally, and from a publisher's point of view. For Bracco, the choice of Tesi & testi meant entrusting the entire project to a single services provider able to guarantee quality, professional service and the observance of deadlines.

Professional freelance partners in all languages and an expert in-house graphics department make Tesi & testi the ideal partner for companies needing to internationalise their documentation. Contact us to find out more!